Gucci backpack

The back is a very crucial carrying feature. Backpack can be used different purposes from school going to college going and even one can use it for going to gym also. There you can find different brands of backpack in the market. You may feel really confused to select the right brand from the ocean of various brands. Therefore, you must go for the Gucci backpack. Gucci is one of the most sophisticated brands and it offers different types of backpacks for you.



Most of the time when you are leaving home, you do not have the idea about how much things you are going to bring along at the time of coming. Almost every person wants to carry a stylish backpack and it really does not matter how bulky it could be and therefore Gucci backpack could be the best option because it is perfect for style and functionality both.


Actually, a backpack is a feminine thing and they were highly popular in 1990 and now it has become again a current trend.  All the bag companies have their own backpack in the market and obviously Gucci is not an exception of it. With the new medium leather backpack Gucci has also dedicated to make this happen in a unique way. Spring/Summer collection of 2009 medium backpack is the most popular backpack of Gucci. It comes with beidge/ebony GG fabric with leather trim and it is designed with glossy golden tone hardware.  It provides both the hobos and backpack strap for you. The exact measurement is 13.8?L x 3.9?W x 12.6?H.

There you can find four bags contained in this group and they can be classified into two groups. First group of bags are made from black, blue or green soft purple leather and second group of bags are made of the classic GG-printed fabric jacquard with hand stitched dark brown leather trim.

There you can get three pockets in the front of these backpacks. The main compartment is closed with the top zip which is accompanied with the additional zip, PDA and cell phone pocket.

The price of range of these backpacks start from $450. Gucci backpacks are the most stylish but they are bit expensive.

You can find many online and offline Gucci outlets where you can easily find Gucci backpacks.